Monday, March 20, 2017

Half Day Equals Science Day

Today was a half day. It was also parent teacher's conferences. So....what do you do on a day that several students skip? How about host a science day? We've been going through a unit on the states of matter (by Hope King). Today we explored the three states in several different experiments.
 Creating models of the states of matter (liquid, gas, and solid). We were able to use this demonstration to explore the properties of each and have a discussion about them.
 We created models of the three states of matter using Cheerios.

 Finding out that while gas cannot always be seen, there is evidence of it all around. They loved working through this experiment using the scientific process. 
No study of gas would be complete without the much-loved Diet Coke and Mentos experiment. 

We ended out day by taking a look at a treat that features all three states of matter: root beer floats. Yum!

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