Friday, August 11, 2017

Second Grade Toothless Wonders

This was such a cute art project that I found on Pinterest. Every year I start with some sort of self portrait for the first day of school. I know that second graders are super excited about loosing teeth, so I knew I had to do this. What I could not believe was that not one of them had their parents pull a tooth with a string tied around it. That's what my parents always did! I'm wondering how others pull teeth. I will admit, I never had the other end of my string tied to a door knob, but this was just too cute to pass by. Aren't they super fun?

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Twas the Night Before School Starts

T'was the night before school starts and all through my class...

*18 desks have been carefully placed in groups
*Numerous copies have been made
*Four bulletin boards have been decorated
*Supplies have been organized
*Posters have been hung
*Lessons have been planned
*Hours and hours have been spent
*Dreams have come to fruition
*Money has been spent
*Summer has ended
*Thoughts for the school year have begun
*The jitters have set in