Monday, March 20, 2017

Half Day Equals Science Day

Today was a half day. It was also parent teacher's conferences. So....what do you do on a day that several students skip? How about host a science day? We've been going through a unit on the states of matter (by Hope King). Today we explored the three states in several different experiments.
 Creating models of the states of matter (liquid, gas, and solid). We were able to use this demonstration to explore the properties of each and have a discussion about them. 
 We created models of the three states of matter using Cheerios. 
 Finding out that while gas cannot always be seen, there is evidence of it all around. They loved working through this experiment using the scientific process. 
No study of gas would be complete without the much-loved Diet Coke and Mentos experiment. 

We ended out day by taking a look at a treat that features all three states of matter: root beer floats. Yum!

On a side note, my St. Patrick's Day items on TPT will only be free until Friday. Download and save now.

Friday, March 17, 2017

Lucky to Have You

Help your students count their blessings by giving them this little writing paper envelope to help them think about who they feel lucky to have in their lives. They can simply write a letter to the person explaining why they feel so fortunate that they know them. 

Thursday, March 16, 2017

Last Minute St. Patty's Day Activities

I was hoping to put together some themed items for St. Patrick's Day. I was hoping for more, but time got away from me....maybe next year. Anyway, here is a fun little game that reinforces equivalent fractions. It could also be used as a math notebook activity. You can pick it up over here for free. Enjoy! And happy St. Patty's Day.

Thursday, February 23, 2017

Fun with the States of Matter

It was all smiles and fun during our discovery learning on the states of matter. I purchased a unit by one of my favorite TPT sellers, Hope King. The rest was super easy. Students were give three different balloons. One with air, one with water, one filled with ice. They had to make observations and keep a log of what they noticed. Then they took their pencils and poked each balloon and made more observations. This was just the intro lesson, but the little scientists were sold. Their smiles say it all. Using balloons and water for science? What's not to love. Can't wait for the next lesson. When students leave with a smile, something great is happening.

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Black History Month: Slavery Project Based Learning Part 1

We are well underway into our PBL (project based learning) unit on Slavery and Heroes. The big question we are researching is: Why would someone risk their life to save others? We started out collecting some schema that showed what we already knew about various related topics to our study. 

Students were given post-its and were asked to write down something they knew about slavery. I was surprised that some of my scholars had no idea what slavery was, but that was just fine, because we are going deep into the topic and they will learn a lot. Next, I asked them to write down one question they had about slavery. Students also wrote anything they knew about the underground railroad.

Later, we got into groups and created posters all about freedom. Students basically wrote down anything they could think of or knew about the topic. 

Next, students wrote what they would do for freedom and we made a giant anchor chart. 

Since many students didn't have any idea what slavery was, we watched this video on Youtube that showed how Africans were taken from their homes and shipped to other places to be sold. We also had a discussion about what slavery was like. I also told the students that whenever there is something awful happening, look for the helpers. There will always be helpers. Instead of focusing on negatives, focus on the good, pointing them to our essential question, Why would someone risk their life to save others?

The next day, I introduced a slave, named Henry, with the book, Henry's Freedom Box. If you don't know the story, rush out and get a copy of this amazing book! 

Henry endured incredible anguish during his time as a slave, being separated from his family, later marrying and having his children and own wife sold to another owner. He decided to leave his life of slavery behind. A free black man helped to mail him to freedom. My students were enthralled and had lots of comments and questions about this story. In fact, they were so into the book, they asked to get back to the book instead of having recess. 

After reading the book, we tried to see what it would be like to be mailed in a box. Students were excited to squeeze into the box and see for themselves what it must have been like when Henry hid in a box for 27 hours. 

We also just started literacy groups based on several different books. I have five groups and each group is reading/discussing a different book related to the underground railroad and slavery theme.

Students read the first section and created a graffiti wall of their learning. 

These are the books we are reading: 

Sunday, February 19, 2017

Valentine's Day Boxes

Last year I had my scholars do these valentine's day boxes. This year, I had decided not to do them again, but my students remembered doing them last year (I keep my students for two years and have a combo 3/4 class). Some of them asked to do these again, so I let them. I love how the student's Valentine's day boxes turned out. Here's some of our favorites. 

Sunday, February 12, 2017

Valentine's Day Conversations

This is a fun activity that I have done for a long time in my classroom. When Valentine's Day comes around, it's all about love and friendship. We use conversation heart candies to create stories or letters about love. I usually have the students do this on regular paper, but this year, I created a freebie to help make the writing more fun.

You can pick up a free copy here. Enjoy!