Friday, September 23, 2016

Silberzweig Art

Our school is small enough that each teacher is required to teach their own art. I'm so glad for that because, even though I have very little art experience (as far as training goes), I love teaching it. I am always looking for something different and do not keep the same projects from year to year. Some I will keep, but I get bored if I keep them all. I also teach in a multi-grade classroom and keep the students for two years, so I have to wait at least two years before repeating a project. One of the projects we did this year was one I have done before. Another was a revamp and I created a twist on a previous project making it feel fresh for me. Today we had a completely new project that I stumbled upon. I love it. The colors are bright and bold. The lines are amazing. They end portraits turned out so funky and fun. They are perfect. I will admit that the students were not too excited about this project to begin with, but as we actually put our oil pastels to paper for the guided drawing part, excitement began to build and as they worked on their own to create interesting designs, they were definitely into it. 

This project was our take on portraits by Sandra Silberzweig. Her art is fun and unique, check it out. 

Anyway, I was completely thrilled by what the students created. Take a peek!