Monday, January 16, 2017

Martin Luther King Jr. Day

It's officially Martin Luther King Jr. day today. Of course, were relaxing at home and celebrating in our own way. Tomorrow, is a great day to celebrate at school. Last year, I used this cute little flap book (Here's a look at the first two pages) to help the students do their own research on this American icon. (The cover can be printed in color or black and white.)

This book can be paired up with any other book about MLK Jr. and is basically a place to house the student's research.

Some books suggestions for your students to use to investigate and research MLK Jr. would be:
Product Details Product Details

Last year I used the printable book off of Readinga-z, a subscription site that we use at our school.

This is something easy to use at a center for reading time or as a whole class reading lesson. You can check it out over here.