Sunday, August 14, 2016

Off to New Adventures

If you're anything like me, the new school year signals a new adventure. I'm lucky enough to keep my students for two years. Last year's third graders become this years fourth graders, and the second graders from across campus become my new third graders. Sprinkled in here and there will always be some new faces. This year, five new faces greet me during the first week of school. 

A new year has limitless possibilities. I always consider what worked well last year and what I want to change for this year. Our school is focusing on Responsive Classroom strategies across the campus. Some of our procedures will be the same and some will be different. 

We're embarking on a new adventure into student-led classrooms and project based learning. Lots of studying engagement strategies and hands-on learning. Lots of questions. Lots of what I have read over the summer is swirling in my head creating even more questions. I'm slowly dipping my toes in as our school year begins. Trying to figure it all out. Having fun with it. Tweaking it. Running with it. Enjoying it. 

Looking forward to a great school year with my 20 third and fourth graders. Praying for a successful year. 

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